Sunday’s schedule

Because of weather difficulties, we will need to do a small changes in U15 category as well as we must to be carefull with all categories. The Sunday’s tournament schedule is following.

U11 category
Field S1 Field S2
09:00 Warriors vs. SK Kotlářka
11:00 SaBaT vs. Hluboká 11:00 Titans vs. Klasik
13:00 Hroši vs. Nuclears 13:00 Arrows vs. Radviliškis
U13 category
Field SOFT Field BASE
11:20 Eagles vs. Joudrs 11:20 Titans vs. SK Kotlářka
14:00 Hroši vs. Nuclears 14:00 SaBaT vs. Hroch
U15 category
Field S1 Field S2
10:00 Eagles vs. Arrows 10:00 Kotlářka vs. Hluboká
13:00 Zagreb vs. Nuclears 13:00 Hroši vs. SaBaT

SaBaT will replace for game second Kotlářka Praha, who is facing an issue with pitchers.