Rain ended 7th edition of tournament

The last tournament day has been dedicated to games for final standing. Each participant of the tournament played just one game. Unfortunately after lunch heavy rain started, so U11 and U13 final games was cancelled respectively in U13 both finalist decided to play final game again next Saturday at Krc. In category U11 there are two winners Eagles Praha Green and Hrosi Brno. Category U15 started their final game Eagles Praha vs. Hrosi Brno at 12:30 and after 4 completed innings they decided to stop the game because of unplayable field. This final game won Eagles Praha 3:1. For team from Krc it’s already third tournament win in row !

However we are still waiting for couple of last results, we have final standings in all three categories as follows:

U11 U13 U15
1. Eagles Green 1. Eagles Praha 1. Eagles Praha
Hroši Brno Hroši Brno 2. Hroši Brno
3. Hroch Brno 3. Sokol Hluboká 3. Tempo Praha
4. Třebíč Nuclears 4. Klasik Frýdek-Místek 4. Blesk Jablonec
5. Northwest Warriors 5. SaBaT Praha 5. Kotlářka Praha
6. SaBaT Praha 6. Třebíč Nuclears 6. SaBaT Praha
7. Tempo Praha 7. SK Kotlářka 7. Baseball Plzeň
8. Eagles White 8. Tempo Praha 8. Technika Brno
9. Arrows Ostrava 9. Northwest Warriors
10. SK Kotlářka 10. Arrows Ostrava
11. Sokol Hluboká 11. Technika Brno
12. Technika Brno 12. Hroch Brno

We must say thank you to all players, coaches, parents, umpires, scorers, volunteers on fields and organizing clubs Tempo Praha, SaBaT Praha and Eagles Praha for great four days of baseball. We must say thank you to Czech Baseball Association for their support of this tournament.

We hope that tournament served to all teams who are awaiting their main tournament of the season, that this was really great preparation for this tournament. For those, who already finished their top tournament of the season, they played good games against teams which do not regularly meet during baseball season.

Tournament organizers looking forward for all participants of the 8th edition of international youth baseball youth tournament BACK2SCHOOL at the end of August 2021 !