Sunday’s schedule

Because of weather difficulties, we will need to do a small changes in U15 category as well as we must to be carefull with all categories. The Sunday’s tournament schedule is following.

U11 category
Field S1 Field S2
09:00 Warriors vs. SK Kotlářka
11:00 SaBaT vs. Hluboká 11:00 Titans vs. Klasik
13:00 Hroši vs. Nuclears 13:00 Arrows vs. Radviliškis
U13 category
Field SOFT Field BASE
11:20 Eagles vs. Joudrs 11:20 Titans vs. SK Kotlářka
14:00 Hroši vs. Nuclears 14:00 SaBaT vs. Hroch
U15 category
Field S1 Field S2
10:00 Eagles vs. Arrows 10:00 Kotlářka vs. Hluboká
13:00 Zagreb vs. Nuclears 13:00 Hroši vs. SaBaT

SaBaT will replace for game second Kotlářka Praha, who is facing an issue with pitchers.

B2S 2018 Day One

Finally fifth edition of BACK2SCHOOL already started only with limited number of games.

In U11 categories, winners was more less expected, but really positive was, that there were no big result gaps between winners and losers of the game. Game One between Nuclears and Eagles was not close from result, Nuclears won 12:3. Game two between SaBaT and team from Lihuania finished with big win of team from Prague. Game three between Hrosi and Warriors had decided favorite, but warriors tried to fight. The last game of the Thursday program between Prague teams Titans and Kotlarka finished better for home team Titans.

In U13 category there have seen quality progress of BK Zagreb, in last edition they lost all game with big gap, today they played great game against Titans and lost 5:7. Another Prague team Eagles won in a game one against Hroch Brno. The main Brno team called Hrosi swept Blesk Jablonec 17:2 and another Prague derby between home team SaBaT and Joudrs finished better for Joudrs.

In U15 category only one game was played. Titans won this game against Zagreb, but again, Zagreb brought to Prague better skilled team then last year.

Friday program will be much much rich, the first games will start already at 8:30 in Krc and 8:40 in Troja.

Minus three days

We have three days to start already 5th edition of BACK2SCHOOL and organizers are finishing all preparations. All trophies will be collected today. Balls will be distributed on Wednesday to Prague baseball fields to be ready for the first game. With balls BACK2SCHOOL posters will be posted also on fields. Scorers and umpires will know their tournament schedule no later than today on evening with all necessary instructions.

Great cooperation with all three co organizers Eagles, SaBaT and Titans bring us positive energy for tournament. Thank to all three clubs for their involvement in tournament !

Since Thursday we will invite finally 32 teams in all three categories (12 in U11, 11 in U13 and 9 in U15), 11 scorers will help us with play-by-play and statistics and 16 umpires help us umpiring 77 games.

Everybody are looking forward to hear PLAY BALL !

U15 tournament schedule changed

Thanks to Extraleague schedule, which is crossing with BACK2SCHOOL 2018 tournament in Krč, we needed to do a small adjustment of tournament schedule. The first games will start already on Thursday at 11:30 because games originally scheduled on Thursday and Friday at 17:30 must to be cancelled due to planned Extraleague games. It has also positive impact that players can see the best Czech players live. On Thursday will arrive to Krč Tempo Titans with excellent pitcher Jake Rabinowitz and on Friday Eagles will welcome at home field Draci Brno with many excellent players in their roster. Please look at tournament Facebook to see actual tournament schedule for U15 category.

Notice: another change in U13 category is planned thanks to Arrows Ostrava withdraw from tournament.

We are full for 2018 edition

With the last team added today for U13 category, BK Zagreb, we have full roster for all three categories now. In U11 category we have confirmed already 12 teams as well as in U13 category. Planned ten teams in U15 category was also reached.

Now we will focus on tournament preparation together with friends from Eagles, SaBaT and Tempo Titans. Everybody are looking forward for 5th edition of this youth international baseball tournament.

Team registration 2018 started

Team registration for 2018 edition already started with begin of February. Prior starting registration organizers updated general information to be in line with 2018 edition.

With February 18th 2018, we have already 20 teams registered and also three reserve teams from Hrosi Brno on waiting list ! Check teams page to see who was already registered.

BACK2SCHOOL 2017 statistics

Finally statistics from 2017 edition of BACK2SCHOOL were completed last day. U15 has completed batting, fielding and pitching statistics from all games played at tournament. For U13 we are missing statistics for games #15 – Tempo Titans vs. Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks, #18 – Eagles Praha vs. Joudrs Praha and #20 – Sokol Hluboka vs. SaBaT Praha. We didn’t have scorer for these three games. U11 is the most difficult category from statistics point of view. Although we had covered all games with iScore stats, many games was imported without pitching statistics. We will try to fix this issue. So for U11 only batting and fielding statistics are complete.

We are really happy that we have in place module in our pages which allows us to import statistics from iScore, but we are fully aware that we must to do many improvement in this area to bring you statistics in 2018 much much earlier than now. Our goal is to have statistics for you at the end of each played day. As well as to know the best batter and pitcher according stats before the last game of each team in tournament.

  • BACK2SCHOOL 2017 U11 statistics – XLSPDF
  • BACK2SCHOOL 2017 U13 statistics – XLSPDF
  • BACK2SCHOOL 2017 U15 statistics – XLSPDF

Day 3 Summary

On  Saturday we recognized who will fight for big trophy on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday morning started quarterfinal games in U11 and U13 categories. U15 continued to play in round robin groups.

In U11 both top Czech favorites Trebic Nuclears and Hrosi Brno met in semifinal. Better performance presented Trebic Nuclears. North Stars swept in the second semifinal SaBaT Praha and followed Nuclears to final. SaBaT will play with Hrosi bronze medal game.
On Sunday will Tempo Titans and Arrows Ostrava play for 7th place, SK Kotlarka and Arrows Ostrava for 5th place, already mentioned Hrosi and SaBaT Praha for bronze medal and Trebic Nuclears and North Stars for winning in tournament.

U13 category followed U11 category and everybody can looking forward for tomorrow’s afternoon final between austrian Diving Ducks and Arrows Ostrava. For the bronze medal will play Fortitudo Bologna with Eagles Praha. For the 5th place will play Tempo Titans with Joudrs Praha and finally for 7th place will play SK Kotlarka and Hrosi Brno.

U15 know also pair which will meet on Sunday. Sokol Hluboka will play with Arrows Ostrava for the 5th place, SaBaT Praha with Eagles Praha for bronze medals and Technika with Hrosi, both from Brno, for winning the tournament main trophy. For Hrosi Brno it would be back to back winning.

Sunday’s program starts at 9am in all three facilities. Follow us on fields tomorrow and look for top Czech youth baseball tournament.