Day 3 Summary

On  Saturday we recognized who will fight for big trophy on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday morning started quarterfinal games in U11 and U13 categories. U15 continued to play in round robin groups.

In U11 both top Czech favorites Trebic Nuclears and Hrosi Brno met in semifinal. Better performance presented Trebic Nuclears. North Stars swept in the second semifinal SaBaT Praha and followed Nuclears to final. SaBaT will play with Hrosi bronze medal game.
On Sunday will Tempo Titans and Arrows Ostrava play for 7th place, SK Kotlarka and Arrows Ostrava for 5th place, already mentioned Hrosi and SaBaT Praha for bronze medal and Trebic Nuclears and North Stars for winning in tournament.

U13 category followed U11 category and everybody can looking forward for tomorrow’s afternoon final between austrian Diving Ducks and Arrows Ostrava. For the bronze medal will play Fortitudo Bologna with Eagles Praha. For the 5th place will play Tempo Titans with Joudrs Praha and finally for 7th place will play SK Kotlarka and Hrosi Brno.

U15 know also pair which will meet on Sunday. Sokol Hluboka will play with Arrows Ostrava for the 5th place, SaBaT Praha with Eagles Praha for bronze medals and Technika with Hrosi, both from Brno, for winning the tournament main trophy. For Hrosi Brno it would be back to back winning.

Sunday’s program starts at 9am in all three facilities. Follow us on fields tomorrow and look for top Czech youth baseball tournament.

iScore livecasts link

Almost all games in tournament will be casted via iScore. We are doing all the best to provide you link to livecast of all games, but no every time we are successfull. If you will not find a link in Facebook or Twitter, please visit webpage where you will find tournament game, which you want to see.

Click to logo to move to iScore casts link page.

Day 2 Summary

The second day of tournament was the hardest day for organizers all participants started their games and at the end we finished with 25 played games. In U15 round robin groups still continue. Technika Brno is the first finalist of BACK2SCHOOL 2017 tournament with three wins and no losses in group B. In group A Hrosi Brno have two wins followed by three teams with 1-1 state.

In U13 round robin groups was already finished and first games in 9th – 12th position group already started. From group A Joudrs Praha followed Tempo Titans into quarterfinal. From group B Fortitudo Bologna and Hrosi are going to quarterfinal. Unlucky team is SaBaT who lost both games in group B for one run. Group C jumped Arrows Ostrava and SK Kotlarka into quarterfinal. And we can see also Eagles Praha and Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks both from group D in quarterfinal.
In the last pair of game day home team SaBaT lost their game with Ambassadors and Hluboka swept Zagreb.
On Saturday we can expect hard quarterfinals as well as semifinals will be played on afternoon.

U11 category today also finished games in round robin groups, but nothing else was started today. To quarterfinal was promoted Trebic Nuclears and Arrows Ostrava from group A, from group B Hrosi Brno and SK Kotlarka, from group C SaBaT Praha and Technika Brno and from group D both participants North Stars and home team Tempo Titans.
Tomorrow visitors can looking forward for quarterfinal and semifinal games and also games in 9th till 11th place games will be started.

Tomorrow’s program will start at 8:40 in Troja with quarterfinal games Tempo Titans vs. Diving Ducks and Fortitudo Bologna vs. SK Kotlarka.

Day 1 Summary

On Thursday started 4th edition of BACK2SCHOOL with ten games in all three categories in all three baseball facilities.

Tournament started at 2:30pm at Krč with opening game between SaBaT Praha and Hrosi Brno. This game brough interesting baseball. Hrosi started very well and get into big difference. In second inning SaBaT returned back to the game. But till end of the game they were still slightly behind Hrosi. In this game Hrosi won 14:12 and got first win in group A. U15 category then continued with two games starting at 5:30pm. Group B first game between Technika Brno and Arrows Ostrava brought another big fight with more luckier team from Brno, which won against Ostrava 6:5. At Central field BK Zabgreb started against Sokol Hluboka. Hluboka started from the begin with great offensive for which croatian team didn’t find answer. Game finished with big win of Sokol Hluboka 17:1.

U13 category started at 3pm in Troja, home of SaBaT Praha. On baseball field both games finished with big wins. The first game between KMC Ambassadors and Arrows Ostrava finished with Arrows win 20:1, when Arrows scored 11 times in the last frame. After this game Tempo Titans swept BK Zagreb 17:2 a got ticket into quarterfinals.
On softball field, both games was more competitive. At 3pm Fortitudo Bologna won tight game against home SaBaT Praha 10:9 thanks to last inning where italian team scored six times. The second game on this field between Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks and Sokol Hluboka finished with 12:8 win for team from Austria.

At Tempo where the youngest category was played, was only three games scheduled. Tournament opened games between Blesk Jablonec and Trebic Nuclears and between SK Kotlarka and Hrosi Brno. Teams from Trebic and Brno confirmed all expectations, when Trebic swept Jablonec 18:2 and Hrosi swept team from Prague 17:1.
The last game between SaBaT Praha and Technika Brno was really defensive. Because only prague team scores, game finished with 5:0 win for SaBaT.

Tomorrow starting tournament with all teams in tournament roster. U15 will continue with games in both groups, in U13 category will know teams promoted to quarterfinals and first games in a group for 9th till 12th position will be played. In category U11 will be finished games in their groups and promoted teams to quarterfinal will be also known.

Pitch count report

To protect pitchers arms, pitch count rules from Czech Baseball as well as Little League was adopted to tournament. Each category has specified pitch count rules and pitch count will be reported by our scorers to tournament organization. Every night will organization create pitch count report which will be printed and posted in each baseball facility.Beside that you can also download this report from our webpage.

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Ambassadors U15 will not arrive

We received information from KMC Ambassadors yesterday, that they will arrive to Prague only with their U13 team. U15 team have not enough players, so they decided to do not arrive to Prague :-(.

We must think about this change, thinking about impact and what would be the best U15 tournament scenario with nine teams on tournament roster and already released tournament schedule. Today on evening, we will provide you final decision about U15 tournament. Our goal is to minimize changes because we know, that you spend a lot of time with tournament preparation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Week to start

We are one week before 4th edition of BACK2SCHOOL youth baseball tournament will start. Now we have fixed all requests related to tournament schedule and today on evening will be sent to all clubs and during today will be updated on webpage. We purchased tournament trophies today and expecting their delivery next Wednesday. We will have on Monday ready labels with 2016 winners to big trophies. Two of three big trophies are already in our offices.

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