Day 4 Summary

With the delay we would like share with you wonderful final day of BACK2SCHOOL 2017 youth internation baseball tournament. At all three stadiums we have seen nice games and especially in Troja both last tournament games was really thrilling even more walk off homerun decided about winner of U13 category 2017 !

In U11 category Sunday was dedicated for one game in group for 9th till 11th place and four games for final standings. In a game for 7th place home team won against Arrows Ostrava and finish seventh. In a game for 5th place another prague team SK Kotlarka played against Technika Brno. Team from Brno won this game 10:9 and finish fifth in tournament. Third place game brough small surprise and expected win of Hrosi against SaBaT was not realized. SaBaT had great second half of the game and won this game 17:8 and kept bronze medal for Prague. Final game was the most beautiful in tournament, it was game between the best two teams in tournament. North Stars started game better, but Trebic in the half of the game turn over result and finally won the game 11:5.

U11 category final standings:

  1. Trebic Nuclears
  2. North Stars
  3. SaBaT Praha
  4. Hrosi Brno
  5. Technika Brno
  6. SK Kotlarka Praha
  7. Tempo Titans Praha
  8. Arrows Ostrava
  9. Baseball Plzen
  10. Sokol Hluboka
  11. Blesk Jablonec

U13 finished their games in 9rh till 12th position group as well as final standings games. Game for 7th place finished with win of Hrosi Brno against SK Kotlarka Praha. Fifth place in tournament must decided tie break where more luckier was Tempo Titans who won against Joudrs Praha 19:18. Really great game was played there. In a game for bronze medals Eagles Praha had more power and swept Fortitudo Bologna 16:6. And really top of the tournament was thrilling final game between Arrows Ostrava and Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks. Really tie game where Ducks was close to tournament win finished with three run walk off homerun of Daniel Sury and Arrows won this great fight 18:17 and for this club won the first big trophy in BACK2SCHOOL tournament history.

U13 category final standings:

  1. Arrows Ostrava
  2. Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks
  3. Eagles Praha
  4. Fortitudo Bologna
  5. Tempo Titans Praha
  6. Joudrs Praha
  7. Hrosi Brno
  8. SK Kotlarka Praha
  9. Sokol Hluboka
  10. KMC Ambassadors
  11. SaBaT Praha
  12. BK Zagreb

Only five games was scheduled on Sunday in U15 category at Krc. Two games in 7th till 9th place and games for 5th, 3rd and 1st place. In a game for 5th place Arrows Ostrava won 7:4 in a nice game against Sokol Hluboka. Game for bronze medals was Prague derby where SaBaT was more eager to bring bronze medals home and won this game 9:3. Final of the game was Brno derby between Hrosi Brno (winner of group A) and Technika Brno (winner of group B). Technika Brno had no game scheduled on Saturday thanks to late KMC Ambassadors withdraw so they had more power for final game. Won final game 12:6 and like Arrows in U13 Technika U15 will bring home their first big trophy in a history of BACK2SCHOOL tournament.

U15 category final standings:

  1. Technika Brno
  2. Hrosi Brno
  3. SaBaT Praha
  4. Eagles Praha
  5. Arrows Ostrava
  6. Sokol Hluboka
  7. Trebic Nuclears
  8. Kotlarka Praha
  9. BK Zagreb


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