On Thursday afternoon started already 7th BACK2SCHOOL with first 4 games in U11 at Tempo and another 4 games in U13 at Troja.

At Tempo only game Eagles Green vs. SaBaT has been close game, other was unambiguous wins for Warriors, Hroch and Hroši. Friday program continue with games in groups and the last games of the Friday’s program will be initial games in group for 9th till 12th place.

At Troja, except game SK Kotlářka vs. Hroch Brno 14:4, was remaining three games really close and competitive. Friday’s program is the same like in U11, so finish games in group and program will finish with first games in a group for 9th till 12th place.

Because of 8 teams in U15, tournament at Krč starting on Friday morning.

Unfortunately we are fighting with pitch counts from Thursday program and we hope that we will get all information during Friday and be ready for Saturday program.